Translation schools are institutions that impart all the necessary knowledge and training to be a professional translator. In this webpage we provide you with a directory of authorized translation schools, choose which is closer to your address and ask for admission information process. Nowadays, companies and organizations require specialized translators to cover job vacancies; this situation is turning translation into a career of a great demand. Lately, translators are incorporated to the company's permanent staff in order to translate all their correspondence, legal and commercial documents.

Translation schools

The translation world is more than pass one language into other, it's to express and adapt one different reality into another. In order to become a professional translator you must already have a solid English knowledge, and then at translation schools you will be trained in linguistics, writing styles, and translation techniques and software. As a translator you can take specialization courses for the following texts:
  • Commercial documents
  • Computer documents
  • Legal documents
  • Literary documents
  • Medical documents
  • Scientific documents
  • Technical documents
If you love being your own boss then you definitely like working as a freelancer, this method allows you to manage your schedule as well as your incomes. Finding a job in this globalized labor market is getting harder and harder, however you can find several free opportunities on the internet. Usually companies advertise job vacancies in newspaper ads, employment agencies and its own webpage. We recommend you to plan your whole job search in advance, because it will give you more possibilities of finding a job in a short term.

There are many websites that list freelancer job opportunities and in most of them we can find jobs as translators. So, you have to select the job that suits your needs or upload your information in the website.

Use resume and cover letters

Before applying for a job, you should have an outstanding resume so as to get a job interview. At this stage we provide you an IT cover letters. In this type of cover letter you must specify clearly your computer and technical skills and areas of expertise as well as attach an IT resume to your IT cover letter.

Both documents should be well written in formal language and free of any mistake. Information Technology resumes include many samples for every professional related to this field such as computer engineers, network administrators, data processors, visual basic developers, desktop publishers inter alia.

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