German Grammar German grammar has suffered several reforms and a lot of obsolete grammatical rules have been suppressed. The German rules of spelling were also revised and on August 1, 1998 the new system was implemented. The original 212 spelling rules were reduced to 112, and the rules of punctuation were decrease from 52 to 9.

One of the most difficult aspects of German grammar is that nouns come with one of three genders: Masculine, Neuter or Feminine. These genders do not correspond to the physical state of an object, for example the word "girl" belongs to the neuter class.

Other important aspect of German grammar is the use of cases, i.e. a noun essentially plays four different roles in a sentence. These cases give German flexibility in word order that English doesn't have.

Language schools focus on teaching grammar, because it is the most difficult part to learn for language learners. German grammar handles specific rules to use verbs, so you must follow these rules to use German language properly. You have to remember that verbs have many different functions. You can use verb conjugation tool for many german verbs

Verb conjugations include preterite, imperfect, future, conditional, subjunctive, and more tenses.

In the list below you can find more information about grammatical terms used in German language.

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Passive voice
German Adjective
German Adverb
German Article
Auxiliary verb
Compound verb
Definite article
Demonstrative adjective
Demonstrative pronoun
Indefinite article
Possessive pronoun
Possessive adjective
Subordinate conjunction

Students currently have a wide range of resources to learn German grammar in a funny way. Whatever you purpose of learning German language is,. German grammatical rules are quite complicated, but you can use many resources to make your learning experience the best.

German grammar is essential to reach your goals

German is one of the most widely taught languages around the world; this language has attracted many language learners. Maybe, these pupils want to learn the German culture, or they learn German for study purposes, or they want to travel to any German-speaking countries. Whatever the purpose they have to learn the German language, they must keep in mind that German grammar is essential to reach their goals. It's true that German grammar is quite complicated, but one can currently find many interesting resources to learn German grammar. There are currently a wide range of language schools to suit everyone, so one just has to decide where one wants to take German lessons and what kind of course one needs.

Regular German courses focus on teaching the essential grammar in order to help students develop their German language skills to read and write German properly. New students usually have some troubles to remember the German grammatical rules. Language schools have several methods to teach a new language, some students can learn German at once, and others need much time.

Resources to make your learning experience the best

Nowadays, language learners might find several resources to learn German grammar. Most languages schools feature a well-equipped library, where pupils can get the proper book of German grammar to check out again and again those complicated grammatical rules. However, this way of learning is bored for many students. If you are one of them, it would be advisable to use internet in order to find other resources to learn German. There is a large number of websites that offer several resources to learn German grammar in a funny way. These resources include games, virtual libraries, videos, forums, video-conferences, chats, etc. These resources are designed to help students understand those grammatical topics they cannot learn in their normal German lessons.

These virtual resources allow German learners to check out German grammar lesson the moment they want. Besides learning grammar topics, they can improve other language skills such as German pronunciation and vocabulary. E.g. most German learners use games and videos as resources to learn German grammar; there are many kinds of videos. One can get a pen pal in a German-speaking country and one can use message videos to share mails. If one doesn't understand what one's pen pal said, one can repeat many times that video. While one learns German grammar, one will also learn German pronunciation.

German learners currently have no excuses to delay learning German grammatical rules. There is a large list of interesting resources to learn German grammar. One can use internet to access to these resources. One soon notices that these resources make one's learning experience the best. German language is a terrific language and one can use the resources enough to solve one's learning troubles.

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