According to the American-German Chamber of Industry, 65% of companies in the USA consider German knowledge very important requirement for being hired.

German is one of the most commonly used languages on the Internet. In fact, Germany's top-level country domain .de is second only to the extension .com.

German is no harder to learn to speak and write than other languages.

In many countries, Germans account for the largest percentage of tourists. So, if you are working in the tourist industry, it is really important to have knowledge of German language.

German is the second most frequently used language in which to write a work of scientific research, especially engineering, chemistry and physics.

German is also important in music. The best schools of music are in Germany and Austria.

You will improve business relationships. German is the most important trading partner for about all European and numerous non-European countries.

Learn German is important for higher education; it is the most commonly recommended language for most universities.

By learning German you will also learn more about origin and meaning of many English words.

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