In order to find a good German language School, you should make a list of schools which have the requirements that you are looking for. In the page of German Language Schools you will find a complete list of German schools around the world.

An important point to see before to make your choice is the quality of teaching. Some schools don’t keep their promises and bring deficient courses where you don’t learn enough for the level which you are studying. These “bad schools” usually are offered as a complement by travel agents. It is also important to enquire about the duration of program, size of groups, qualification of the staff and if the school is accredited or approved by a recognized authority.

Other point to take into account is the type of school. If you want a personal service with a reduced number of students per group, you should choose a small independent school. But if you want to make lot of friends and practice your German with many people, you should choose a school that is part of a larger chain, usually these schools also offer many facilities like accommodation, social activities and free internet access.

It is a fact that your choice also has to be according to your economy. Usually the prices reflect the number of hours’ tuition per week, size of the class and books, but other courses charge high prices if they offer some extra facilities. A good way to know the prices is to get a free quotation, just choose the options most appropriate to your wishes and in a short time you will receive an email with the respective prices.

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