Vienna is one of the oldest cities in Europe; there you can enjoy amazing historical and cultural experiences complemented with the modern style of the city. Vienna has a rich past complete with famous musicians, collections of art and many architectural highlights which are admired nowadays by many visitors.

Although the most part of the city is urban, it is encircled by beautiful forests, meanwhile in the inner areas there are a number of parks and zoos where you can pass a relaxing moment. For these reasons Vienna is known as a “Green city”.

About the city

Vienna is situated on the Danube River and it is the largest city in Austria. The city is famous for its beautiful buildings, famous museums, charming opera houses and historical churches.

If you want to know more about culture of Vienna, you should visit at least one of the 100 museums of the city, the most famous museums are: The Albertina, the Hofburg, the Kunsthistorisches Museum, the Museum of Modern Art and the Vienna Furniture Museum among others.

Vienna, Austria Vienna, Austria

Music is also an important part of Vienna's culture; there you can find many concert halls and opera houses where famous classical concerts are performed, most visitors prefer the concerts which feature masterpieces of Amadeus Mozart and Johann Strauss, and the performance of the Vienna Boys Choir. The most famous concert halls and opera houses are the Wiener Musikverein, the Wiener Konzerthaus, the Wiener Volksoper and the Wiener Staatsoper.

Vienna's architectural highlights are situated along the Ring, an important street in the city. These are of different styles, from classic structures to modern buildings like the Karlskirche Cathedral, the Ruprechtskirche, the magnificent Schonbrunn Palace, the impressive Schloss Schönbrunn and the Karlsplatz Stadtbahn Station. Vienna is also famous for its many green areas and parks such as the Stadtpark, the Burggarten, the Volksgarten, the Schloßpark and the world-known Schönbrunn Zoo among many others.

Why learn German in Vienna?

Vienna photos

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Vienna, Austria Vienna, Austria Vienna, Austria Vienna, Austria

German courses in Vienna

Business German Course

This course consists of 20 general German lessons in group and 10 business German lessons per week. This program is designed for students who want to learn English for their jobs. The course will permit you to develop your German in all-round skills grammar and idioms, listening and speaking, reading and vocabulary and writing and presentations in the 20 group lessons. And in the business lessons you will be able to focus on specific areas of your interest such as presentations, negotiating, communication by letter, e-mail, telephone conversations, all you may need in a working environment. The course can take place in the morning 9h to 14h or in the afternoon from 14:15h to 19:15h.

Groups: Max. 12
Classes: 30+5
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Intensive German Course

With this course you will progress in the four German skills: grammar and idioms, listening and speaking, reading and vocabulary and writing and presentations in 20 lessons per week. The program can take place in the mornings from 9h to 12:15h or in the afternoons from 14:15h and 17:30h. This is the perfect course for students who want time to know Vienna or to study in the school facilities after lessons. During the course your teachers (you will have two teachers per day), will use communicative role-plays to encourage you to speak to give you the confidence to communicate fluently in real situations.

Groups: Max. 12
Classes: 20+5
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One to One German Courses

The One to one courses make the fastest progress. You can choose individual tuition of 10, 20 or 30 lessons per week. One-to-one lessons offer students a tailored programme designed to their particular requirements: the teacher focuses the course on the student needs, and learning style, this means that the progress is much greater. These courses are perfect for students who need to improve their German for specific purposes. All the teachers are experimented and have a back-ground knowledge of the subject areas.

Groups: 1
Classes: 10, 20 or 30
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Superintensive German Course

Ideally suited to anybody wanting to make rapid progress in short time.
You study six lessons a day. Four of these lessons are held in groups of an average of 8 and a maximum of 12 participants and two lessons a day in small groups of 5-8 participants.
5 extra lessons per week of cultural and leisure programme included: e.g. Vienna guided tours; talks and videos about Austrian music, art, history, literature and architecture; Viennese Waltz course; parties; sports.
Standard course (20 lessons)
Minigroup (10 lessons)
Cultural programme (5 lessons)

Groups: Max. 12
Classes: 30+5
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Learning German in Vienna

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