Austria is thronged by tourists round the year. Summer is the ideal time for sightseeing while in winter the slopes of the Alps offer ample opportunities for skiing. The Arlberg region with St. Anton or Upper Austria with Radstadt has some of the best skiing resorts in Austria. Up in the Alps, the Gemuetlichkeit of the Austrians makes you enjoy a stay in the snow, skiing or hiking.

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Destinations to learn german in Austria

Learn German in Vienna

Learn German in Vienna

Vienna - by many considered to be the cultural capital of Europe - is a modern metropolis with unique atmosphere and considerable charm. It provides excellent infrastructure, is clean and safe.


Austria is located in Central Europe and is one of the most impressive destinations on the Continent. Austria is also famous for its Alps which form 62% of the country's total area. The Alps pass through the provinces of Tirol, Carinthia, and Vorarlberg, so these provinces attract many tourists every year especially in the seasons of winter and summer. In winter the Alps are filled with snowfields and glaciers favorable for skiing, and it is no wonder that Austria is considered one of the most famous skiing regions around the world. In summer when the snow has melted, the Alps are favorable for practice hiking, camping and mountain climbing.

Many Austrian cities are famous for their historical buildings, galleries and festivals, but Salzburg is considered the major attraction for being the birthplace of Mozart and for its many famous churches, plazas, world-class museums and concerts which remind the wide musical talents of Austria's past.

Austria is a country proud of its traditions; many small towns still keep some customs of the Alpine life. But, behind the antique architecture and traditions a lively industrial society arises. Other important things appreciated by many visitors are the Austrian hospitality and the food. Austrian food is delicious especially its pastries and sweets being the most recognized the Apfelstrudel.

The Best of Austria

The Schönbrunn Palace
This is a beautiful palace that shows the magnificence of the Hapsburg dinasty in the 18th century. Visitors can admire the Baroque and Rococo State Rooms, the great gardens and the famous Hall of Mirrors. Other Schönbrunn palace highlights are a palm house with 3 climate zones and the Hofratstrakt where many theatrical productions are presented.

Eisriesenwelt Caves
These are natural limestone ice caves inside the Hochkogel Mountain in the Alps. Usually the temperature in the caves remains bellow zero and the ice formations aren't melted during the whole year. The most amazing views in the caves are the gigantic ice columns, towers, waterfalls and glaciers.

The Hohe Tauern National Park
This is a beautiful nature area with more than 1,000 km2 where flora and fauna are abundant and vary according to altitude; there are also many mountain meadows that maintain their wild beauty thanks to hard work of farmers. In the park visitors can do many activities like ski, snowboard and nature trails and mountain climbing.

Kunsthistorisches Museum
The famous museum Kunsthistorisches was built at the end of the 19th century, it is home of the art collection of the Habsburg dynasty, one of the finest collections in Europe. The picture gallery contains important works of world-recognized artists like Rubens, Rembrandt, Raphael and Tizian among others.

Salzburg Dom
The Salzburg Dom is a baroque cathedral of the 17th century; it is famous for its 4,000-pipe organ. This Cathedral is also known as the most impressive piece of church architecture north of the Alps, many people were baptized there being the most famous Mozart. Currently many musical performances take place there.


The climate in Austria is varied depending of the location and the season. The summers are warm and sunny in June, July and August although with presence of thunderstorms, the average temperature is 19ªC. Meanwhile the winters are cold in December, January and February lowering the temperature until -13ªC with presence of snow.

The Alps have a big influence in the climate of Austria; sometimes there is foggy weather with presence of winds which melt the snow causing avalanches. The temperature tends to descend as the altitude increases with the mountain tops giving place to really cold climate.


One of the most important parts of Austria's culture is the Music. Austria is the bird country of many famous musicians and composers. In the 18th and 19th centuries the city of Vienna was known as the European Capital of the classical music, the most famous musicians were Wolfgang, Amadeus Mozart, Ludwig van Beethoven, and Johann Strauss among others. Austrian music has also a big influence of Slavic and Hungarian folk forms in the Baroque period giving place to the most popular modern Austrian folk music "Schrammelmusik”

The Alps also has its Folk music called “Alpunk”, a genre of punk rock mixed with energetic rhythms. Besides that, Austria has many Typical dances such as Waltz, Ländler, Yodeling, Polka, or Waltz and many others which are admired for tourists around the world.

The Concerts are also traditional part of the Austria's musical culture, in the country there are many concert halls such as Vienna Boy's Choir, Conservatory Vienna and Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra.

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Austria has also an important literature production, it is nation of many recognized authors, poets and novelists who wrote their books based in the history of the country. The most famous are Robert Musil, Johann Nestroy and Peter Handke among others.

Sports are famous in Austria, especially soccer and winter sports like skiing and ice hockey. The Austria's national ice hockey team is ranked between the best teams in the world. Football is a traditional sport in Vienna, its football team is really good and it participated in many World Cups.

Learning German in Austria

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