Why learn German abroad?

Today German is spoken by more than 100 million people. There are two principal divisions of the German language: High German, or Hochdeutsch, and Low German, or Plattdeutsch. One of the most striking differences between them is the result of a consonant shift (usually referred to as the second, or High German, sound shift) that took place before the 8th cent.

Learning German language abroad is a great way to know new cultures, customs, environments and people, and at the same time become more independent. Also, you can acquire a perfect domination of German through everyday communication with citizens.

How to choose a school

German Courses

Learning German. In this page you will find useful information about German courses and why this German language is important in our lives.

German language is the mother language of over 95 million people which are spread among different countries. German language has official status in five countries, which are: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium and Liechtenstein. German has developed to cope with almost every conceivable domain and field of knowledge; that is why German language is widely used in many European Universities, for example this language is used in many Bulgarian universities and in a number of faculties of some Turkish universities.

Finding the best German courses

Currently, German courses are definitely one of the most coveted in the world. Many people choose to learn this language because it brings many advantages, so if you are determined to study German language, you must keep in mind that this language is not easy to learn.

Although, the best way to learn a language is definitely where it is spoken, it is advisable to learn German language in Germany or in some country where it is spoken, but not all people who want to study this language can travel to one of these countries, so the second option is enrolling in a language school.

One can find many language schools around the world, and definitely you will find one of them in your city. You must be sure that the institution where you want to learn German, is a renowned language school. It is important to know this because there are many of them which do not meet the standard of teaching required.

As we said earlier, learning German language is not easy, that is why it requires a lot of effort and time, so if you want to enroll in a German course, you must keep in mind all of these recommendations.

Advantages of learning German

Learning German language can offer you many advantages; this is a list with some of them.

Learn German in Germany

Learn German in Berlin

Learn German in Berlin

Berlin is one of the most fascinating cities of Europe because of its history, culture.
Learn German in Frankfurt

Learn German in Frankfurt

Frankfurt is beautifully situated between the river Main and the Taunus mountains.
Learn German in Munich

Learn German in Munich

It is the second most popular destination of Germany. Munich is noted for its architecture and culture and its world famous annual Oktoberfest beer celebration.

Learn German in Austria

Learn German in Vienna

Learn German in Vienna

Vienna - by many considered to be the cultural capital of Europe - is a modern metropolis with unique atmosphere and considerable charm. It provides excellent infrastructure, is clean and safe.

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